It’s All Connected

The brain changes throughout life, but these early years are a precious window of opportunity—full of chances to give children experiences that build their brains. And babies’ brains are wired for learning—they’re constantly making connections.

A baby’s brain gets twice as big in the first year of life.

By age three, a child’s brain is 80% as big as a grown-up’s.

There’s a lot happening in those soft little heads. Brains create 700 new connections each second in the first few years.

Babies Make Connections

Everything babies do (even when they test your patience!) tells us about the connections they are making and what they’re learning. So “tune in” to what your baby is up to…and enjoy the show!

Connecting With Babies

Every single thing you do creates babies’ brain connections and sparks their development. YOU are a big, big deal—the most important factor in their development. The below ideas are like planting seeds in the soil… they’ll blossom with time!

Caress, cradle, cuddle, and comfort—anytime, anywhere!
Mom and child
Look your baby in the eyes and smile.
Speech bubbles
Talk about what you see, hear, and do together.
Children's book
Read, tell stories, and sing to your baby.
A park
Explain and name things around you.

More tips


Teach your baby the names of body parts


Together, play with toys, like blocks


With toddlers and older children, play make-believe games

Play peek-a-boo!

(It helps babies learn that things they can't see still exist - a key part of memory. This understanding may even help them cope when mom leaves the room!)

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