Healthy Food

Good nutrition is important for a child’s brain (fat actually protects brain cells)!

Breastfeeding mom

Give young babies only breast milk or formula until six months old.


Offer lots of different foods to toddlers to help them learn new tastes.

Hands sharing an apple

Skipping meals harms children’s growing brains, so if your family needs help getting enough healthy food, reach out.

Healthy Rest

Sleep is important for growing brains! Make sure kids get all the sleep they need:

0–3 months


14–17 hours a day

4–11 months


12–15 hours a day

1–2 years


11–14 hours a day

3–5 years


10–13 hours a day


Healthy Team

Doctors and nurses are part of baby’s healthy team—and the parents and caregivers are the team captains! Ask health providers any questions as they check for:


How your child’s body (including the brain!) is growing


If she’s been exposed to lead, which can hurt her


How she’s developing


Hearing and vision problems

Green leafs

If he’s getting all the nutrients he needs, especially iron

Healthy & Safe

Babies and children feel stress more than we may think. Stress affects brain connections and can have long-lasting effects. The best way to protect children is to make sure they have a caring adult who lets them feel safe.

Mom and daughter

If you notice that stress is recurring to a degree that concerns you, seek professional help right away.